Umbrella company

Mission Internationale specialises in international mobility. We support experts and consultants on assignments abroad, irrespective of their home and destination countries, within the European Union and in the rest of the world. Over the past 20 years, several hundred international assignments have been successfully completed with our partners each year all over the world.

In your capacity as consultant, you have obtained an assignment abroad, but you would rather not have to set up your own company to organise your work? Mission Internationale offers a complete solution for your convenience:

  • We draw up a contract with the firm you are working for, and raise an invoice on your behalf.
  • We handle your administration and payment.
  • We pay all the contributions (insurance, health, retirement, etc.) stipulated in the contract between the expert and the firm.
  • We pay the expert a net salary, after deducting the requisite contributions and management fees. This salary can be paid in any currency and in any country (to be defined jointly by the expert and the company).
  • We help the consultant to prepare for their mission abroad.
  • ... and so consultants are free to devote themselves fully to their mission.

This simplifies all the procedures and contributes to securing your remuneration. We can help you draw up the contract with your client using a standard model to be filled in online.

The advantages of the freelance administration services of Mission Internationale as an Umbrella Company:

  • The legal framework, including in terms of labour and tax legislation
  • Guaranteed compliance with the legislation in the target country
  • A secure payroll management and communication system
  • A dedicated contact person for personalised support services
  • Operational assistance and consultancy including in the domains of the law, fiduciary affairs, etc...
  • Continuous fiscal and financial optimisation

For the expert

  • « International employee » status with a high-performance private protection system (health, hospital stays, accident and sickness insurance).
  • Choice of retirement and unemployment insurance schemes. When possible, continuity with the home country's system, or through capitalisation and international savings.
  • Optimisation of net remuneration, « à la carte » management depending on real needs.

For the company

On an operational level:
  • Lighter administrative management burden
  • « Tailor made » services.
  • Contractual flexibility
  • Harmonisation of management methods and payment conditions of expatriates (whatever the type of transfer, nationality, home and host countries…)
On a corporate level:
  • Possibility of integrating staff off-payroll
  • Reduced labour risk
  • Flexible service that can be used in a number of situations (in particular for leaders, staff with permanent international status, during peaks in business, for trial periods, seniors, retired people)
On an economic level:
  • Optimisation of the cost price of labour, favourable to both the company and the employee.
  • Remuneration optimisation option.

In this way, you are in the best situation to be able to devote yourself fully to the mission at hand.

At the end of your consulting contract, Mission Internationale can help you to find your next job/assignment without awaiting your return.

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