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Mission Internationale is a specialist in international mobility.

We take care of all administrative, legal and financial procedures within the framework of an international mission of experts/consultants. You no longer have to worry about these aspects, which we manage directly.



We accompany experts/consultants on mission abroad, whatever their nationality of origin and their country of destination, within the European Union as well as in the rest of the world. For 20 years, several hundred international missions have been successfully carried out every year and all over the world with our partners.


You (expert/consultant) have obtained an assignment outside your country of origin but you don't want to organise your work by creating a structure? International Mission offers you a complete solution without having to travel:


  • We invoice the company after having established a contract with it in the name of the expert/consultant.
  • We manage the administration of the expert's remuneration.
  • We pay all the charges (insurance, health, pension, ...) provided for in the contract between the expert/consultant and the company.
  • We pay the net salaries to the expert/consultant, after deduction of management charges and fees. These salaries can be paid in any currency and to any country (to be defined between the expert/consultant and the company).
  • We help the expert/consultant to prepare his international mission.
  • ... finally the expert/consultant can fully dedicate himself to his mission.


This simplifies all procedures and helps to secure your remuneration. We can help you draw up the contract with your client via a standard template to be completed online.

For the expert

  • He/she benefits from an "international employee" status with a high-performance private protection system (health, hospitalisation, accident and illness insurance).
  • Choice of pension and unemployment insurance system. Where possible, continuity with the system of the country of origin, or by capitalization and international savings
  • Possibility of optimising net remuneration, "à la carte" management according to real needs
  • Avoids the expert/consultant to create a self-entrepreneur status or a structure such as SARL, SASU or other ... with all the costs and obligations that this imposes (bank, accountant, lawyer...)

Thus, you are in the best conditions to devote yourself fully to the realization of your mission.

At the end of your consultancy contract, Mission Internationale can help you find your next job/mission without waiting for your return.

For the company


  • Reduction of administrative management burdens
  • Tailor-made services
  • Contractual flexibility
  • Harmonization of management methods and remuneration conditions for expatriates (regardless of the type of transfer, nationality, home and host country...)


  • Possibility of integrating non-wage earners
  • Reduced social risk
  • Flexible service that can be used in a number of situations (in particular for managers, staff with permanent international status, during overtime, for pre-employment, seniors, retirees)


  • Optimization of the social cost of production, favorable to the company and the employee
  • Possibility of optimizing remuneration


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