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International Mission connects talented people from around the world with business leaders who want to expand internationally. Find here our press and partners coverage.

09/02/2021 OSCI

International expertise for your business expansion projects - OCCITANIA REGION

16/12/2019 Le Moci

Support / Export: International Mission launches a marketplace for experts.

04/12/2019 La Tribune

Launch of International Mission, the first marketplace for international experts.

03/12/2019 La Tribune Afrique

The Francophone and International Business Meeting placed under the sign of "soft power."

30/11/2019 Africapress.Paris

Education in French in the world is a very strong asset for cultural influence.

30/11/2019 Africapress.Paris

Companies must seize the circular economy with projects that cover all dimensions.

30/11/2019 Africapresse.Paris

Morocco is waiting for France and French companies to develop all of its regional potential.

18/11/2019 CCI France International

Francophone business meetings 2019

16/11/2019 PME - ETI

Francophone business meetings on November 28th, 2019

08/11/2019 L'Institut français

Francophone Business Meetings

04/10/2019 French Healthcare

The French Healthcare Association invites you to the French Business Meetings

20/09/2019 FEEF

The FEEF is a partner of the Rencontres d’Affaires Francophones

18/09/2019 Aerospace Valley

Invitation offered for members of the Pôle Aerospace Valley : Rencontres d'Affaires Francophones

12/06/2019 Bpifrance

La Francophonie, gateway to the international market

16/04/2019 Le Moci

The Francophone Business Meetings 2019

26/03/2019 La CPCCAF

Francophone business meetings (Paris, France)

16/11/2018 La Tribune

Boost to the economic French speaking countries in the French capital city.

07/11/2018 TV5MONDE

David Kassar and Véronique Maurel : making business in French speaking countries.

02/10/2018 Le Monde

SME, ETI: the keys to successful industrialization?

13/09/2018 La Tribune

French speaking countries represent an indisputable asset.

20/07/2018 Le Moci

2018 Guide (non official) of French speaking networks: 3 questions to David Kassar.

12/02/2018 CPME Sud

Francophone business meetings Paris 2018 - Maison de la Mutualité 08/11/2018

01/02/2018 Investissement Québec International

Conference on the advantages of investing in Quebec

11/01/2018 Union Patronale du Var - UPV

Doing business in Quebec

24/10/2016 L'Express

In Québec, French entrepreneurs meet more enthousiasm

27/06/2016 Aerospace Valley

Le Forum France/Québec aux "Actualités & Agenda" de "Aerospace Valley"

28/04/2016 Invest in Bordeaux

#Bordeaux – France – #Québec : an international forum in Arcachon

18/02/2016 l’Union des Français de l’Etranger (UFE)

Mission Internationale, the international professional social network that is not only virtual

26/03/2015 Le Canada Français

French companies visiting Saint-Jean

25/03/2015 Le Courrier du Haut-Richelieu

La mission économique de France passe par Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

04/10/2013 Midi Presse

Kassar International works with Businova in Quebec

27/09/2013 Midi Presse

Set up of a strategic comitee

07/2013 DICCIT

Kassar International, exploiting export's growth potential

07/03/2013 Le Journal Toulousain

Profession : lnternational

04/03/2013 La Dépêche du Midi

Moroccan agriculture remotely operated from Toulouse

04/02/2013 ToulEmploi

In Toulouse, trainings to succeed in export

16/01/2009 Midi Presse

Mission économique in Djibouti

Octobre 2008 Sénat

Rencontre Djibouti, economic hub of the Horn of Africa

12/03/2007 Midi Presse

Creation of Kassar International

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