Payment guarantees

In partnership with Coface, International Mission offers you payment guarantee solutions all over the world in order to prevent the risk of non-payment

Expand your business abroad with confidence

Globalization has enabled a large number of companies to enter new markets, bringing with it new challenges. The conclusion of export contracts requires intelligent financial and credit management.  If you do business internationally, a guarantee issued in your name proves that you are able to meet your contractual obligations.  If you can no longer meet these requirements, then your customer or another beneficiary can be reimbursed for the damage caused by claiming the guarantee.

Achieve your business goals with our warranties:


Your offer is more attractive to customers. Choose from standard or special terms and conditions so that you and your customer can benefit from the warranty that meets both your needs.


Offer your customers the financial security necessary to deliver goods or perform services as contractually agreed. We are accredited as a general guarantor for customs and tax guarantees.


Choose from a wide range of guarantees for the duration of the contract and benefit from the support of our global network and a reliable guarantee with a Standard & Poor's AA rating.

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