Conferences organized by International Mission

Mission Internationale has organized numerous conferences, particularly in France and Quebec.

June 20th 2018 Conference in Nantes

During of a private meeting, Ad'Missions of the group and Mission Internationale organized a conference on the international development of companies.

Bordeaux, march 15th 2018 Doing business in Quebec, gateway to North America

During a private meeting, Mission Internationale organized this free conference / cocktail with its partners: Banque Courtois, Euler Hermes, Investissement Québec, the firm Lavery de Billy and Mazars.

Marseille, february 1st 2018 How to do business successfully in Quebec, gateway to North America

Conference organized by Mission Internationale, as part of a private meeting and in partnership with the Apex.

Montpellier, september 21st 2017 Quebec, gateway to North America

Conference organized by Mission Internationale, in the course of a private meeting and in partnership with Medef Montpellier.

Toulon, june 13th 2017 Canada, civil and military market opportunities in the Naval & Aeronautical sectors

Within the framework of a privileged meeting, in partnership with Mission Internationale, EDEN PACA and the EDEN federation, the CCI du Var & CCI International PACA organized a conference / debate.

Toulouse, march 9th 2017 Quebec, gateway to North America

Conference organized by Mission Internationale as part of a private meeting, in partnership with Banque Courtois, Mission Internationale, Mazars and Euler Hermes

Toulouse july 9th 2015 Meeting "Development of Eco-companies on the international scene".

Topics discussed:

- Advantages for French eco-companies abroad.
- Presentation of the ADEME International Club and the DERBI cluster
- Presentation of the PRIE
- Presentation of the program of the Quebec/Montreal delegation from October 6 to 8, 2015
- Testimony of a French eco-company.

Montréal, October 16th 2014 Leroy Automation presents its strategy in North America

On the occasion of a private meeting organized at the Saint-Sulpice Hotel in Montreal, LEROY AUTOMATION presented its commercial strategy to a selection of major players in the railway and energy sectors.

March 23rd 2014 Why set up in Quebec?

The SAFRA CANADA project, started in September 2013, is taking shape with the very soon creation of the company in Quebec, which will allow this innovative SME from Albigensia to roll towards other horizons.

March 6th 2014 New International Geopolitics

On Thursday, March 6, 2014, Kassar International organized a conference on International Geopolitics and to deal with this theme, we had the great honor to receive Mr. Pascal Chaigneau.

February 26th 2014 Why set up in Brasil?

First conference of the year for Kassar International around the company Pramex, represented by Mr. Carlos Locatelli, deputy director of the Brazilian subsidiary and Mr. Frederic Grange, responsible for the South-West, both came to speak about the reasons why Brazil is still today a country of opportunities for French companies.

November 28th 2013 Aeronautics, space and export

Supporting aerospace companies in their export activities, a sector that is essentially innovative and international? This is one of the missions of the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster and the Midi-Pyrénées Expansion Agency, and this was the theme of the November 28 event at Kassar International. With the testimony of EconoCom, which called on the firm Kassar International to internationalize its success story. The sky and space have no borders!

October 17th 2013 International development of SMEs and the eco-industry sector

Focus on the eco-industry, a fashionable and growing sector, during the evening debate organized by Kassar International on October 17, in partnership with ADEME (Agence De l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie).

September 19th 2013 A very successful Consuls' evening at Kassar International

Meetings and information exchanges to promote economic development and international business relations: on September 19, Kassar International received the consuls posted in Toulouse.

June 20th 2013 Agri-food: from French heritage to global future

International business development in the agri-food industry: a clever mix of innovation, export and adaptation to societal and economic expectations. An evening with the Agrimip Innovation Sud-Ouest cluster under the sign of quality!

March 14th 2013 Investing in Quebec, instructions for a success story!

Investing in Quebec: on March 14, Kassar International welcomed representatives from the Quebec Delegation in Paris and Investissement Québec to discuss this theme of opportunities and new markets. So, are you ready to leave for Montreal and its Belle Province?

January 24th 2013 Alain Juillet's conference: Applied economic intelligence

First conference of the year for Kassar International around Alain Juillet, who came to speak about economic intelligence, the reality of the world and the ruthlessness of the business world. Between coopetition, growth sectors, emerging markets, growing individualism and ethics at half-mast...

December 19th 2012 Pierre-André Wiltzer's conference: from the role of an agency to France's position in the world

On December 19, Kassar International organized an economic meeting and invited Pierre-André Wiltzer, former president of the French Development Agency, to discuss the existing interventions and mechanisms for development aid and support for private and public actors abroad. This was an opportunity to recall the history of AFD and to discuss France's role in the world and the development challenges facing the African continent.

October 11th 2012 Development of SMEs in Africa

Mr. Jacques Godfrain, former Minister of Cooperation, honorary deputy of Aveyron, in the presence of Louis Duvernois, senator representing French citizens living abroad, honored us with their presence.