For many years, we have been organizing major professional events aimed at boosting international relations.

Whether it is through conferences, delegations, forums or business meetings, International Mission helps to promote internationalization and to participate in the development of companies, particularly thanks to our various partners and our powerful network of experts. Here is an overview of the different events organized since 2012:

Les Rencontres d’Affaires Francophones et internationales (The Francophone and International Business Meetings)

Mission Internationale is the organizer of the Rencontres d'Affaires Francophones et Internationales, an unmissable event for business leaders and international experts.

Quebec Delegation

Mission Internationale organized the visit to Quebec of a delegation of French business leaders in April 2017. The delegation, composed of leaders of multi-sector SME-SMIs and ETIs, was welcomed by the historical partners of the international support specialist.


Mission Internationale has organized numerous conferences, particularly in France and Quebec.

Forum 2016 Mission Internationale

The forum aimed to attract French and Quebec companies (large groups, SMEs, ETIs) as well as start-ups from the technological and digital innovation sectors and the new economy to the Palais des Congrès d'Arcachon. The audience was composed of decision-makers and experts - company presidents, international directors, export directors, international specialists, public and private, country experts...

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