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Mission Internationale guarantees you effective travel insurance for your trips abroad.

In the professional world, going abroad for a mission of a few days or for several weeks creates additional risks. It is very important for you as for your company to benefit from professional travel insurance.This cover, made up of a set of guarantees (medical costs, assistance and rescue, insured personal effects, etc.) is essential to face the unforeseen events and incidents that may occur before and during your travels. Mission Internationale tells you everything you need to know about travel insurance and offers you a partner offer tailored to your needs.

What is professional travel insurance?

Professional travel insurance is a set of guarantees that protects you against problematic situations that you may encounter abroad. Dedicated to people who have to travel as part of their professional activity, it adapts to your destination and your types of trips: regular, occasional, short-term, etc. In general, it offers multi-risk solutions to make your business trips with confidence and to avoid worrying.

Be aware that a company has an obligation to ensure the safety and health of its employees according to Article L.4121-1 of the Code du Travail. As an entrepreneur or self-employed person, this insurance is not always considered important because it is not compulsory. However, it is strongly recommended to take travel insurance to overcome the slightest problems.

Why subscribe to professional travel insurance?

Subscribe professional travel insurance covers the consequences of incidents that may occur during the entire duration of your trips abroad, but also before. The services included in such a type of contract range from medical costs to repatriation, including hospital costs and public liability.

If the head office of your company is located in France, it is in your best interest to take out travel insurance to ensure the safety of your employees. As a self-employed person, you can travel with peace of mind. Thus, you will no longer have to worry and you will be able to devote yourself fully to the objective set for your professional trip: international business development, fundraising, intercultural management, etc.

What are the advantages of professional travel insurance?

This insurance offers elements of guarantees specific to the professional world that conventional travel insurance would not have. In some countries around the world, including Europe, medical costs can be very expensive. The insurance takes these costs into account without you having to pay a single penny, for example. The same goes for covering hospital costs or if you want repatriation assistance. In the same vein, your personal effects can be covered by insurance if you consider that their contents are sensitive and that loss, theft or damage would be compromising.

At the same time, opting for public liability abroad as part of your contract can also allow you to compensate for damage caused to third parties (a person other than the insured, his or her spouse, the ascendant and the descendant as well as their spouse and collateral). You are in fact not immune to causing bodily, material or immaterial damage to others (customers, visitors, etc.) without wanting to do so in the context of your mission.

Finally, be aware that professional travel insurance also offers indemnity in the event of a flight delay or interruption of a stay, or compensation if you wish to modify or cancel a mission. To help you choose your professional travel insurance, the Mission Internationale marketplace has developed a partnership with AOC Insurance Broker and its Business Travel Insurance formula.

AOC Business Travel Insurance, protection that covers professionals around the world.

If you decide to subscribe insurance for your business and personal trips abroad, AOC Insurance Broker offers Business Travel Insurance. It's a full protection that adapts to your needs. This is why Mission Internationale has chosen to enter into a partnership to guarantee you effective travel insurance.

The many guarantees of AOC Business Travel Insurance

With many years of experience in the travel insurance industry, AOC Insurance Broker supports you all over the world. Its tailor-made offers allow you to manage most of your needs.

AOC Business Travel Insurance benefits from a multitude of guarantees starting from just € 42*!

Assistance, search and rescue in the event of an accident.

A medical team on site will provide you with the necessary care and repatriate you to your country of residence if necessary.

Medical and hospital costs covered.

In the event of illness or accident during your mission abroad, the costs are insured up to a value equal to € 2,000,000.

Personal effects insured

In the event of loss, deterioration, theft or destruction of your personal baggage, compensation of up to € 2,000 is provided.

just like professional equipment

Compensation of up to € 1,000 is allocated to your professional equipment, as well as for the possible transport of your samples.

An adjustable death or permanent disability benefit..

Two levels of guarantee (from € 50,000 and up to € 150,000) can be chosen at the time of subscription.

Services adapted to the current situation..

With the health crisis currently raging around the world, the medical costs generated in the event of positive Covid-19 are covered.

A 100% digital offer..

Documents are accessible at any time from your customer area and an insurance certificate is sent by e-mail as soon as payment is validated.

Very useful services.

Your claims can be made directly online. You can also find a doctor or a hospital using the Geolocate me function of the platform.

And many more :

Daily allowance in the event of a coma, home equipment in the event of disability, emergency dental expenses, return of spouse and dependent children, dispatch of a replacement employee, legal assistance (lawyer fees), psychological assistance , trip cancellation, etc.

The little extra of professional travel insurance at AOC Insurance Broker

Choosing AOC Insurance Broker for your professional travel insurance means choosing an offer that meets your requirements and leaves no room for the superfluous. You will thus have the choice between the Silver (to insure your business trips only), Platinium (to insure your personal trips in addition) or Family (to insure your accompanying family with the same guarantees) in AOC Business Travel Insurance.
Do you travel only in the Schengen area? Discover the Schengen Travel Insurance offer to take advantage of the package that suits you in the territories concerned.

You understand that choosing professional travel insurance as part of your missions abroad is a significant plus. This helps prevent any accident or incident while traveling, while allowing you to focus only on the purpose of your trip. You will gain in productivity, efficiency, and above all, serenity!

*Recommended price for a defined travel period, excluding risky business. In the context of a high-risk profession (firefighters, security guards, stuntmen, construction staff, mining or extraction of raw materials, companies in the timber industry), an increase applies and the offer becomes accessible from € 55. Annual insurance can also be taken out from € 84 or € 110 (risky business). 

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