Advantages for experts

International Mission creates the conditions of trust between companies and experts for the development of international business. Your are expert in international development. Your talents are recognised and sought after by SMEs and mid-size companies with international ambitions.


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Your economic growth first !

International Mission offers you the opportunity to develop cooperation with a variety of companies, notably by allowing you to benefit from an unparalleled international visibility. You can carry out missions for several different companies.

You always have the choice to accept or refuse a mission. You can also invite one or more clients from your portfolio to join the marketplace.

A free, simple and fast "on boarding"

You can create your profile in a few minutes to showcase your best assets. Fill in your professional experience, skills, spoken and written languages, target markets, sector expertise... in order to receive offers of assignments and services. Your skills, experience, know-how and soft skills are promoted worldwide.

Freedom to set your own terms

International Mission allows you to present your terms and conditions of collaboration in terms of price, availability, invoicing... The terms of the missions are to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis with each client. In order to carry out your missions with complete peace of mind, you can benefit from a third party liability insurance if you do not already have one.

Secure payment

International Mission allows you to simplify and secure the payment of your services. You receive payment for your services once the company that commissioned you has validated the end-of-assignment report. Payment management is carried out automatically and directly from the marketplace. You no longer have to manage administrative, legal and financial tasks. This time saving allows you to devote yourself 100% to your core business!

International community of experts

By joining the International Mission expert community, you have the opportunity to exchange and interact with experts from around the world on topics of similar interest to yours. You can also share best practices, market/sector knowledge and advice with your international peers.

Visiblity Solidarity

"On the International Mission marketplace, business leaders with international projects can seek to find and select reliable and competent international talent to accompany them successfully".

David Kassar Founder and CEO

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