Advantages for companies

International Mission creates the conditions of trust between companies and experts for the development of international business. As a business leader, you have access to a pool of talents to make your international development a success.


Expert identity check

Thanks to the implementation of a KYC procedure ("Know Your Customer" or legal knowledge of the client), International Mission verifies the identity of the experts registered on the marketplace through legal banking obligations. The KYC procedure also allows the fight against fraud, money laundering or the financing of terrorism.

Depending on the country of residence and the profile of the experts, validation is carried out at several levels.

A secure legal framework

You contract directly with the expert according to the conditions agreed upon by both parties. The administrative, legal and financial process is facilitated thanks to the functionalities offered by International Mission. Your conditions in terms of confidentiality, personal data, intellectual property rights, deontology and computer security can be presented before each mission, in the mission sheet.

The experts listed on International Mission are self-employed, with or without a legal structure of their own. In the latter case, you can use our salary portage services deployed in partnership with

Third party liability insurance

All experts registered on International Mission are covered by professional liability insurance for all missions carried out. As a company, you too benefit from a professional liability insurance to carry out your missions with complete peace of mind.

Flexible use of our servces

You can search for an expert in our database for free. There is no financial commitment or subscription system. International Mission offers a flexible service that adapts to your needs. Beyond the search for experts, you can benefit from additional services such as international payment guarantee, salary portage, translation services, international mobility and workspaces.

Payment of services

International Mission offers a framework of trust providing security and transparency for companies and experts. International Mission manages the payment flows that transit through the market place. Payment on a marketplace is strictly regulated by law.

When booking the mission, the amount of the service is debited from the company's account according to the different options offered by the marketplace (credit card, bank transfer or direct debit). The funds are placed in an escrow account. Once the mission is executed and the deliverable is validated by the company, the money is transferred from the escrow account to the expert's account, after deduction of the 10% commission from International Mission. This gives both companies and experts better visibility over the entire transaction and provides security. The escrow account offers solid guarantees and a framework of trust where each party can be satisfied without running any risk.

International Mission has chosen Mangopay as its payment solution. Mangopay accepts credit/debit card payments worldwide by CB, Visa and Mastercard, as well as Maestro, Diners, iDeal, Bancontact / Mister Cash, PayLib and Masterpass. It supports the following currencies: EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, NOK, PLN, SEK, DKK, CAD, ZAR.

Access to a pool of qualified experts

By using International Mission, you have the opportunity to select talents to achieve your international ambitions. Expert profiles similar to those you have already worked with may be offered to you for new missions in other geographical areas.

Visiblity Solidarity

"On the International Mission marketplace, business leaders with international projects can seek to find and select reliable and competent international talent to accompany them successfully".

David Kassar Founder and CEO

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