The genesis of Mission Internationale marketplace

Published at 07/01/2020

I am often asked how the Mission Internationale marketplace, which I officially launched on November 28, came about. Like many ideas, it came from an observation. That of the existence of a real need, which I have experienced over the years.

For more than ten years, as a specialist in the accompaniment of small and medium-sized businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises, I have helped many company directors lay the first stone of an international expansion. With each step, from the choice of the target market, to the conclusion of a first contract, to the identification of distribution channels or marketing devices, I had to mobilize contacts who shared with me their knowledge of the sector in question, their country, or a specific field of expertise.

Over the years, my network of contacts, made up of many experts with in-depth knowledge of topics related to the internationalization of companies, has grown; At the same time, I was frequently solicited by professionals and entrepreneurs, who asked me to help them: “Do you happen to know a tax lawyer in Canada? A logistics specialist in Lebanon? An expert in contractual matters in Africa? A business developer specialized in the Asian continent? “

These questions, which I was happy to answer, were merely the expression of a lack in the international value chain: that of a tool that would allow to put in contact company managers who are eager to develop their sales outside their borders, and reliable and competent expert-consultants who could accompany them. This is how I imagined a marketplace that would facilitate the meeting and the exchanges between the two parties, and that would offer significant advantages for both the companies and the experts.

Mission Internationale marketplace offers the possibility for experts to gain visibility in the 4 corners of the world and therefore to enhance their expertise: it is a source of business opportunities and time savings. Thanks to this system, independent consultants can focus on what they like and know how to do best– provide a tailor-made solution, propose an innovative service, develop new services…

Because the marketplace offers a qualified pool of experts, client-companies have a clear vision of the experts available and can choose the one who will be best able to help them with their specific needs. Internationalization is now within the reach of all companies, even the smallest ones, and even those that did not seem to have an international culture in their DNA. Very often, being accompanied by a trusted person allows managers to remove certain psychological brakes and to dare to take the step of going international.

As I write these few lines on the genesis of the marketplace, I think of my entrepreneurial journey: business ideas often appear only once one has been confronted with the reality on the ground. Mission Internationale has one and only objective: to simplify the life of company managers and experts by being a business gas pedal and a growth lever.