A meeting: Olivier Chazal, Director of the ADEME International Club

David Kassar and Olivier Chazal

Published at 10/03/2020

I would like to talk to you today about a meeting: that of Olivier Chazal from the ADEME International Club. You know me, I am convinced that human relations are at the heart of what we classically call business and trade, which means change in Latin. In the case of Olivier Chazal, one could not say it better.

Olivier and I met during a meeting organized in 2008 at the Senate dedicated to a country focus, namely Djibouti. At that time, he had just taken up his position at the ADEME International Club, an EPIC whose mission is to federate innovative eco-companies wishing to initiate an internationalization process. This common interest immediately brought us together.

We quickly collaborated with a number of companies active in the energy and environment sectors during a mission to Djibouti and Ethiopia. The objective was simple but ambitious: to promote French technologies in this strategic zone, where real needs existed. Several of the companies we accompanied won contracts, notably in the field of water treatment. This is an experience that Olivier and I will remember fondly, especially because it is one of those success stories that reinforces our conviction that economic development must accompany, reinforce and motivate human development.

A complementarity of professional expertise and shared values

Afterwards, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Olivier and the ADEME International Club on several occasions. We organized several events, always with the aim of bringing together entrepreneurs, SMEs and ETIs, in order to support them in their internationalization process. I have provided my expertise to many of them in geographical areas that I know well, such as Morocco. In this country, for example, I had the pleasure of mobilizing my network and putting my skills at the service of the company Solveo Energie, which finally won a very important contract in the field of energy storage. Morocco had a need for the construction of new cities; this company proposed an innovative solution. All that was missing was support, expertise and advice: that's where I came in. Today, Solveo has a subsidiary in Morocco, a sign of the potential and energy that this first step has unleashed.

At the end of the day, Olivier and I work with companies in perfect complementarity: we form an effective pair! The ADEME International Club offers support in particular on regulatory issues, as the field of energy and the environment is characterized by numerous constraints in this area. For my part, I mobilize my knowledge of the field, my contacts on the spot and my expertise in the development of international business, in order to give companies, whatever their size and their ambition, all the necessary tools to succeed. We usually say that the only limit is the one that entrepreneurs impose on themselves!

Olivier and the ADEME International Club are among these long-term partners, who you can be sure will always be present in the great adventures. I am proud to count the ADEME International Club among the partners of the Francophone and International Business Meetings at each edition. I see this as proof that beyond the great success stories that have marked our collaboration for several years, beyond the quality of the human contact, the essential driving force remains the attachment to the international scene and the passion we share for innovation and the promotion of entrepreneurship in France and around the world.