Thierry G.

Business development, supply chain, sourcing expert
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  • Central and Eastern Europe
Country of residence France No mission carried out
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Experience Senior
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after 27 years of industrial experience in Airbus Defence and Space, I developed an important international knowledge of aerospace capabilities of numerous countries worldwide. for supporting internal request to find partner or supplier.
I developed specific methodologies for working and finding information and developing an international network such as with cluster or governmental agencies. I work for Airbus Group in the frame of International Cooperation & Offset need in different countries. I worked for Airbus Group international cooperation & offset. I well know all aeronautic supply chain processes and international actors. I did under GIFAS request a specific training in Japan for Japanese aerospace companies "Prepare yourself to be part of aerospace supply chain". I worked in Nagoya with Japanese companies on industrial maturity exercises.
D'autre part, je connais bien les modes de fonctionnement des supply chain aéronautique et je suis intervenu au Japon pour le GIFAS et à Nagoya en tant que consultant.



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Academic background

Toulouse School of Management

2001-09 - 2003-06
Master of Management

Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble

1989-09 - 1991-06
Electronic Engineer

DUT Grenoble

1981-09 - 1983-06
Physics Technician

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