Biography of the founder

David Kassar, Founding chairman of Mission Internationale

David Kassar

  • Specialist in technical and commercial expertise and international business development
  • Serial-entrepreneur
  • Connector, catalyst and bridge builder
  • Intuitive visionary and positive man of action
  • Creative and agile
  • Sense of initiative and achievement
  • Expression of ying & yang energy

David Kassar, graduate of HEC Paris MBA-CPA, auditor of the Institute of Higher Studies in National Defence (IHEDN), prize winner of Réseau Entreprendre, has a broad range of experience on various aspects in the field of business opportunity creation in an international environment.

A first successful experience in Berlin on the occasion of his military service followed by various work experiences in Québec, triggered David’s passion for international business. His career is characterized by business creation and management of several companies in which he held many positions: head of marketing, sales director, managing director, intrapreneur, co-inventor of patents and trademarks in France as well as at international level.

After two years in business development at Toshiba, then Konica Minolta in Montréal, David Kassar sets up Accès Jeunes Inc., the first Canadian social network for the benefit of young people. In parallel, he sets up a Foundation whose purpose is to give grants to low income students. Accès Jeunes aims at allowing 250, 000 students to benefit from reduced prices with 130 sponsor partners among which British Airways, MasterCard, National Bank of Canada, Virgin Megastore... This first rewarding entrepreneurial experience gives David Kassar the opportunity to develop many partnerships with general interest and specialized media, student associations and major distribution networks. In this context, David Kassar builds strong relationships with key institutional and private partners and gains a solid reputation within the Québec business community.

After eight years as an expat in Canada, David Kassar decides to go back to France for family reasons. From 2000 to 2006, he ensures the general management of Glosante Europe where he co-founded the Sterinis project. Sterinis consists in designing a dry fogging equipment aimed at the desinfection of volumes and surfaces (environment, hygiene, health). In this context, he forms high level technological and research partnerships with players such as CNRS, ICAM, financial partnerships with Total, Anvar, business angels… While co-inventing patents and trademarks, David Kassar mainly deals with strategic partnerships and fundraising (three funding rounds from venture capitalists) for the company’s capitalization. A few years later, the company is sold.

Today, David Kassar, based in Southern France, is the CEO of Mission Internationale, an online plateform which connects independent experts and companies searching for talents for international assignments. David Kassar’s work activities give him the opportunity to travel very often to Québec. His role consists in advising companies on their international expansion or export strategy. David Kassar meets with economic and political decision makers and pursues strategic partnerships in the framework of various projects in Québec.

David Kassar has a longtime experience in advising companies ; so far, he has advised more than a hundred corporations of various sizes – SMEs, mid-cap companies, listed companies- in Canada, especially in the province of Québec. In 2015, he organized in partnership with institutional and private players high level business meetings on behalf of two French delegations. David Kassar is supported by a prestigious strategic orientation committee composed of experts in macro-economy and geostrategy as well as political and economic decision makers for continuous improvement of the promotion of talents and French centres of excellence abroad.

David Kassar is a member of various economic and community groups as he is very committed to helping others and gathering competences in order to develop business opportunities for companies, schools and labs. For example, David is Vice-President of the Association of French citizens overseas for the Midi-Pyrénées region.

David Kassar is an unconventional entrepreneur with a humanist dimension. His personal path as a « self-made man », resembles that of resilient people; he can draw lessons from both his successes and failures. With a contagious optimism and outstanding intuition, he has an unshakable faith that can « move mountains ». As a cultural leader, he is strongly committed to pass on his set of values and moral principles. He knows that the human factor is key to the success of a business initiative. He likes to surround himself with reliable and loyal coworkers who share his work ethics. He considers that his duty is to make them grow as professionals and as human beings thanks to his guidance, mentoring, support, coaching. Hence, David Kassar believes that succeeding in business does not only mean making money and profit. Altruism is part of his art of management style which echoes with « taking care » (origin of the term « manager » in the 16th century). He encourages the development of cooperative teams, interdependence of clearly defined work perimeters and trust « which does not exclude supervision !». Il He knows how to take another look at himself, apologize when he is wrong, share his doubts. David Kassar embodies the servant leader model who uses altruism as a management philosophy (listening, personal development, power ethics, resource center for co-workers…).David Kassar also excels at creating favorable conditions for his team and nice atmosphere in external meetings: he can also create a sharing spirit, which is a key success factor in entrepreneurship. Enthusiastic and caring, David Kassar makes his environment friendly and efficient. His ability to produce and disseminate vital impetus is reflected in his cheerful and creative relationship to life, including the professional area.